Four Benefits of MyRentUS

  • We are matchmakers for your property owners and potential renters
  • We are there every step of the way
  • We train you how to prospect and find which of your existing property owners are willing to rent to generate quick income
  • We train you how to find additional sources of rental properties
  • We train you how to market to landlords by existing what our service can offer them:
    • Marketing Properties
    • Answer Calls
    • Show the Properties
    • Screen Tenants


Why Use Rent

  • Personalized marketing system
  • Get paid year after year with the same client
  • Constant contact…the Key to Agent Success
  • Pre-Written Action Plans
    • Follows your clients for 3 years
    • Leads them down the road to home ownership
    • Task Reminders
    • Automatically sends follow-up emails to your clients


Training Support

All the rental information you need right at your fingertips – Training, Marketing and a systemized approach to the rental market.


Fast Income

Earn a commission In as little as 2 weeks.


Future Sales Pipeline

Build your database with the leads that come in on rental listings. One rental listing can generate at least 30 leads. Gain a client for life – from renting to purchasing or selling.


Time Savings

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