Why Use the RENT System? What we do for agents.

  • Prewritten, proven action plans
  • Dedicated call center
  • Dedicated administrative support
    • Send out leads
    • Answer all your questions
    • Manage and post all marketing
    • Send background check result
  • Marketing Syndication
  • Unique supplemental training modules
  • Discounted database management system
  • Unique Online Sales Tools for Prospective Clients


Dedicated Call Center

  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Average incoming calls:
  • Call Center collects all information
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Move in Date
    • Search Criteria “BR, BA, address”


Agent Responsibilities

  • Immediate response time to customers
  • Two hours a day on RENT activities
  • Simple monthly report
  • Maintain an active database on Delta Media
  • Positive Attitude


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