4 Step Process


Today’s Market Opportunities for Agents

  • Home Sales Status
    • Prices Down
    • Negative Equity
    • Shadow Inventory
    • Unemployment
    • Continue to Impact
  • Increase Income 30% by mixing in Rentals with Existing Homes for Sale
  • Spend 2 hours a day and make $1000!
    • Make calls to potential landlord
    • Meet landlords and list properties
    • Show properties
    • Lease the properties and make money
  • Just follow these 4 steps!
    • Prospects
    • Lists
    • Leads
    • Lease


Step 1: Prospect

  • Where do I find listings?
    Posts on web sites & social media Craigslist
    • Yard Signs
    • Newspaper Ads
    • Apartment Complexes
    • Expired Listings
    • Current Listings
  • What do I say to prospective landlords?
    • Is the property still available?
    • Would you be willing to pay a real estate commission?
    • The reasons why our program works!
  • What does the program cost the landlord?
    • Costs NOTHING until you bring them a tenant
    • Cost at the time the lease is signed = one month’s rent
    • Payment is made to the broker


Step 2: List

  • The landlord says “yes” and it’s time to list the property. What happens now?
    • Paperwork (broker specific)
    • Non-exclusive vs exclusive right to lease
    • Agency Disclosures
    • Company Disclosures
    • Showing Instructions
  • After the paperwork is completed, what’s next?
    • Submit your paperwork to your company administrator
    • Send listing information and all photos to the RENT administrator at RENT Admin
  • The property will be Listed and Syndicated to Many Sites


Step 3: Leads

  • How will I know a renter is interested in my listing?
    • Renters will see your listing
    • Renters may contact the call center
    • Renters may email the call center
    • The call centers will route calls to the appropriate next step (like viewing the property)
  • How will I find out about my rent clients
    • The lead will be emailed or sent via SMS Text to you
    • Renters are automatically placed into your Delta Database Now what do I do?
    • Email only if you do not have a phone number
    • They are waiting for your call
    • Review their information
    • Ask the right questions
  • What properties do I send them?
    • Properties on your RENT website
    • MLS listings
    • Other rental websites
  • But the property they want is no longer available
    • It is time to PROSPECT properties
    • Every lead is a CUSTOMER
    • Finding a rental for your customer = income


Step 4: Lease

  • How does the renter see the property?
    • Properties are shown by licensed agents only
    • Agents can set up Open Houses for high demand properties
    • Landlords do not have to deal with “no shows”
  • The renter finds a property they like. How does the renter apply?
    • Check with the landlord – are they using our system?
    • If they are applying through RENT, direct them to the website
    • Cost = $25 per person (18 and older)
  • What does the tenant report include?
    • Instant Credit Report
    • PATH (Previous Address Tenant History)
    • Telecheck Verification
    • National Eviction History
    • National Criminal History
  • What do I do with the report?
    • Forward it to you landlord
    • You may objectively review the report with the landlord
    • Your RENT Administrator can answer any questions you have about the report


We never approve or deny ANY tenant!

  • What are the options for a landlord response?
    • Approve the tenant
    • Deny the tenant
    • Approve with conditions (more deposit, proof of income, etc.)
  • The landlord approved the tenant. What happens next?
    • Lease paperwork must be completed
    • Renter pays landlord deposit and rent
    • Landlord pays broker one month’s rent
    • Turn in broker check and paperwork to broker admin SUBSCRIBE NOW

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